Bread and Bagel Slicers

Bread slicers are perhaps the next best thing after sliced bread! Anyone who enjoys the superior taste and texture of freshly baked bread will appreciate a bread slicer, which is one of the reasons they make such great gifts. If you know someone who likes to bake frozen bread, owns a bread machine or bread maker, or simply purchases unsliced bread from local bakeries, you can't go wrong with a bread slicer!

Bread Boards

Don't feel the need for slicing guides but still want a solid cutting board for slicing bread? These bread boards are designed specifically for this purpose:

Bagel Slicers

Did you know that slicing bagels can be dangerous? reports that "According to the head of the Department of Emergency Services at George Washington Hospital in Washington, DC, USA, the greatest under-reported injury is hand cuts from slicing bagels." You can help protect the hands of your loved ones and yourself with a bagel slicer:

Bread Bags & Bread Keepers

Don't forget bread bags or a bread keeper for storing your homemade bread and keeping it fresh!

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